Santa Video Call & Tracker™ App Reviews

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I am a small kid and I love santa and christmas. I love this app.

Great App

Great app that holds the kids spellbound. The look on their faces when Santa calls them is priceless. Very well done and well worth the money for the full version.

So cool

I texted real Santa and Im only nine and I had a real call from him!


Its a good app, except you cant really play the music in the app itself but other than that, its a really fun app!

Cant get full txt message

Frustrating to get txt more than 1 line recieved

Really cute

Great app. Love how you can pick a time and Santa will call you cant wait to use it on Christmas eve

6 year old loves the app

We enjoy using the app! My daughter has enjoyed calling Santa and santa wait to talk to him Christmas Eve!

Great Customer Service!!!

My children were not on the list of names and after email they added them for me! Excited to try out the Apple TV feature on Christmas Eve!

Great app!

Very believable. A little cumbersome when you have more than one child. Very accommodating. My daughters name was not on drop down menu so I emailed them and they responded immediately. It has now been added! Definitely recommend

Great App!

Update: Im so impressed with how fast the response was to adding all 5 of my nieces and nephews names to the santa call list. Im so excited for the next time they call Santa! Great job! I downloaded this app a few years ago and come back to it every year. This year I was so excited to see the Santa Call feature. There is a preset list of kids names for the calls, but if you contact the email provided by Dec. 17th they can add any name that isnt currently on there. You, yourself can customize any names for the Naughty/Nice list. My niece and nephew love checking out whats going on on Elfbook and reading Santas blog! We were also excited to see the sleigh test flight simulator! I love everything about this app and Im sure you will too!

Fun times

Love the app. Names being said while talking to santa puts big smiles on the faces of my kids. I would like to see the promotions on things within the apps removed from the "personal phone calls" to make it seem more real. Still entertaining. Maybe also personal locations, as in city and state, that way its more like a one on one touch instead of just country. Thanks!

Best app ever

I LOVE im a child and I

Cute app

My niece really likes this app

Pretty Good

I got this app for my brother (Im ten years old lol) and I think its amazing! Its got everything you can dream of... Texts, calls, even mini games! I do wish that it is a bit harder to make/change a password though so kids dont make one and realize Santa is... well... just your parents. Maybe make an algebra problem and the ascending order question or something that little kids cant look up on Google or solve. Just make sure older kids (7th Grade and above) can solve it because they may already know Santa is for fun. Otherwise, amazing app!

Has potential

I bought this app and thought it was a great idea for my three girls; 4,6 and 8. During the calls the pre-recording mentioned to check out other features within the santa app. After the call ended I was bombarded with questions about if santa called within the app and how they doubted it was even real. After using this my kids are questioning the authenticity of Santa. I wish I never bought or used this app.

Need Help

Hi there I was massaging Santa Claus on this app and he havent wrote back. Can you solve this problem and If so please fix it. Thank.

Love the app!

Love this app! My grand kids love the call features. We love checking the naughty or nice list! The naughty or nice scanner is a must especially if they acting up lol! It will give your kids to definitely be on the nice list. We are really enjoying this app and worth the $3.99

Not worth the money

This app is NOT worth the money spent... Children can get straight into the "adult only section", Santa doesnt text children back quickly and many other bad parts of app... :(


For the future Id love to see face recognition for the Santa scanner so that it will be a bit more consistent (uploading photos of your kid then designating naughty or nice) and then it would also be helpful to be able to select more than one child at a time because often siblings are calling together. Also some way to indicate that they are siblings. It would be nice if when you added names to the naughty and nice list it wouldnt just put them on the top but dispersed among the other names so it looks more convincing. It would also be helpful if when you are scheduling the messages you can see the last message so you dont have to go back and forth. Also I love that Santa shows that he knows the child but he says the same intro like every time. If there is a way to make him alternate which fact he mentions that would be great. Id love for more details to be added. Also you could add elf and factory noises in the back to make it seem more real.

Nice app

It is a great app but I think it could be cooler if we could like the the commits in elfbook

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